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Chef moving to st. thomas

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Im planning on buying a condo around the pt. pleasant area or saphire beach in next month or so.I have 16 years experience in cooking from anything from a deli to a 4 star fine dining restaurant on both east and west coasts of the states.

First off,,how are the utility expenses per month average.
2nd,,how is the pay for a very decent chef who can run a restaurant.

Should i be looking also at maybee being chef for day cruises,etc?

Also how is pt. pleasant and saphire beach areas.Are they within walking distance to food shops,,etc

If anyone has any good links for st. thomas jobs/newpapers,links,anything for me i would really appreciate it.

Im presuming a chef is a very good proffesion for st. thomas area cause there are many resorts,restaurants.But i want to just get reasurred from people that maybee are in the field or have freinds in the field.


Posted : November 10, 2006 12:47 pm
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Hi there! I too am a chef and had absolutely NO problem getting a job down here. In fact I've had many many offers recently. Season is starting though and almost everyone is doing their hiring right now so you really need to move fast. As for a few places I know to check out right now... The new Yaht Haven is hiring for several positions for resturants opening soon. I'll see if I can't get that contact for you in the near future. The Ritz is hiring several different chef positions. You can apply for any of those online. Then there are TONS of resturants in and around town hiring right now. Most of the time they won't hire you until you're down here. You can usually pull some of the resturant lists off the web w/ phone numbers. There is no hurt in calling them. Depending on the resturant you may or not get paid real well. There are alot of nice ones out there that will pay you a great salary if you're good at what you do!
Once you get down here, the Island Trader is the way to go for anything you need but you can also read the local paper which is
Utilities depends on the place but they aren't cheap by any means. All I have now is electric to pay and it runs about $130 a month unless you have AC and then it can be ALOT more. Cable is average, about $55 is what I was paying. Haven't had to pay for water yet b/c our cistern is full all the time.
I'm sure I missed some of your questions but hopefully this helps a little. Good luck!

Posted : November 10, 2006 2:54 pm
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