Chicken/Cock fights...

Chicken/Cock fights?  

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So, I did read up on this "DMX" guy, because I don't know him, as I'm not on the island just yet. I came across a secondary article that is the subject of this thread.

Facebook secondary article

Is cock fighting legal in USVI? Not that I care, but it's mentioned so nonchalantly, like it's a common occurrence.

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Yes, it's legal.

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sadly it is legal

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Sjointer, I would venture to say that DMX represents a very typical type of gang criminal here on STX. There also was an organized crime gang on STX called The Commission, a few years back. Some believe the cops were involved in that organization. It is also well known that many cops are Masons. Although the Masons, per se, are not bad, I am told that here in the VI they put on a good front but are actually involved in nefarious activities. King Mapp himself is a Mason, as evidenced by the full page ad the Masons ran in the Avis, congratulating Brother Mapp on his win.

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And so begins the conspiracy theories...

Your biggest concern about chicken here should be whether to go with "grilled" or "fried".

But more importantly:
Why is our choice of chicken options at all the grocery stores here seem so limited? Beef, pork, fish inventory always seems much larger than chicken.

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