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February 3, 2008 7:22 pm  

My husband and I, both teachers, will be completing our PMV April 5-12. I have always been very active in our local church, and would like to attend a church on Sunday morning during our visit. Because we will be arriving late on Saturday, I would like to prepare ahead of time to get an idea of a church to attend on Sunday morning. Currently, we attend a Methodist Church, but are open to all denominations. I love churches with lots of music and would like to find a church where music is an important part of the service.

Through my searching, I have discovered some previous links regarding church, but many of them are very dated. And, I know that churches can start up, but not survive, due to a small congregation.

So, does anyone have any suggestions? While I understand that we will have to "church shop" after we establish ourselves there, we would like a chance to worship someplace on Sunday morning. If you have suggestions, can you let us know what time the services are at? Much of the information we have found shows locations, but no service times.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Barb & Craig Daniels

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February 3, 2008 8:36 pm  

There isn't a Methodist church listed in the phone book in St. Croix.
Catholic: Holy Cross, 45A Queen St. Christiansted, 9:00 & 11:00 AM in English.

Lutheran: Lord God of Sabaoth, King St. Christiansted (no time listed) 773-1320

Hope someone in STX can help more.

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February 3, 2008 8:40 pm  

churches abound. Where will you be staying, will you have a car?

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February 3, 2008 9:30 pm  

We're staying in Christiansted and will be renting a car.

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February 3, 2008 11:13 pm  

in C'sted, there is the Lutheran church, where you can hear the hymns if you are in the area. The Anglican church is at the other end of King Street, and their service is early in the morning. (I've only been to funerals and memorial services at each). The Roman Catholic church has several masses during the morning, I think. There are also several more churches in C'sted. The Southgate Baptist church seems to draw a large crowd, and
i do know that some of their parishoners organized/are part of a non-denominational choral group, so I would guess that music plays a large part in their services. Here is a list, but I don't know how current it is. Perhaps some others with more personal knowledge will respond, you've got a good while before your trip.

St Croix Episcopal (Anglican)

Holy Cross Upper Love 340-778-3272

St. Johns Christiansted 340-778-8221

St. Paul’s Frederiksted 340-772-0818

St. Peter’s Castle Coakley 340-778-6471


Bethel Christiansted 340-773-5620

Medford Zion Christiansted 340-773-6331

St. Luke’s Est. Grove 340-778-9403

Apostolic Faith 340-778-0122

Assembly of God 340-773-4974

Frederiksted 340-772-4912

Bahia Faith 340-772-3131


Altona Northside 340-778-1331

Calvary Upper Love 340-778-1014

Free Will 340-773-3179

Grace Mt. Pleasant 340-772-1516

Grace Golden Rock 340-773-5990

Southgate 340-773-2988


Holy Cross Christiansted 340-773-7564

St. Ann’s Barron Spot 340-778-0484

St. Joseph’s 340-772-2005

St. Patrick’s Frederiksted 340-772-0138

Christian Scientist Society 340-773-7664

Church of God 340-773-8740

New Testament Whim 340-772-1658

Prophecy Richmond 340-778-8924

Church of Latter Day Saints 340-773-5188

Church of the Nazarene Golden Rock 340-773-4050

Central Mary’s Fancy 340-778-2380

Established on the Rock 340-773-2104

Holy Ghost Deliverance Ministry 340-773-7196

House of Prayer Ministry 340-773-7196

Jewish Community of St. Croix 340-773-0096

Jehovah’s Witnesses Richmond 340-773-7087

Whim 340-772-4092

Lutheran 340-772-0034

Lord God of Sabbath 340-773-1320


Bethel 340-772-9779

Community United Frederiksted 340-772-1923

Richmond 340-773-4546


Frederiksted 340-772-0268

Friedensfeld Est. Glynn 340-778-2524

Friedensthal Christiansted 340-773-1217

More than Conquerors Ministry 340-778-4834

Presbyterian 340-778-0520

St. Croix Community fellowship 340-778-6991

Seventh Day Adventist

Christiansted 340-773-1822

Central 340-778-3437

Peters rest 340-774-4564

Unitatarian Universalist Fellowship 340-778-2880

Wesleyan Holiness

Beeston Hill 340-773-1017

Colquhoun 340-778-5788

Trinity Christiansted 340-773-8335

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February 4, 2008 1:10 pm  

Did you happen to have all that info already prepared, or did you look everything up and type it from scratch? Now that is the true spirit of helping!

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February 4, 2008 2:29 pm  

actually, Trish Rhodes had much of it listed on her website. Some I knew. A simple google would have gotten it for anyone, but it did appear that the OP did at least attempt a search on this site.

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