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I'm from Virginia and am considering moving to St. Thomas to take a job. I've always loved warm weather and the water and am an outdoors kind of person. I've been warned however, that St. Thomas is very congested and that crime is very high. I guess I'm just wondering to what extent is the congestion? I don't like New York kind of city life, but if it's just more crowded and busy, then I'm o.k. I'm planning a short trip in the near future just to check things out, but I wanted and Islanders views. Thanks!

Posted : February 25, 2004 4:39 pm
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Hello Renee,

Having visited many large and small cities in the US I would say that St. Thomas/Charlotte Amalie is not in the same category at all and can not be compared. New York city life is quite unique to New York - you won't find it in the USVI. There is congestion in St. Thomas in the form of car traffic and people traffic primarily in Charlotte Amalie (the main town) and sometimes in Tutu (an area with grocery stores and residences, schools etc). This sort of traffic is eveident in the am - when folks are heading to work and school, during the day in town when there are lots of cruise ships in port, in the pm - when people are heading home from work and school. The whole island isn't congested, crowded and busy just some of the main commericial areas and the roads leading to and from them. St. Thomas is a bit busier then its sister islands though.


Posted : February 27, 2004 3:46 pm
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I am as guilty as the next person complaining about the "traffic" coming to and from work but let's face it, driving the interstates for an hour one way in the states we thought nothing of it. Pop a little music in the stereo and look at the scenery. I live on the east end of town and commute through town to out near the northside daily and it's not too much with the right attitude. Is crime very high here? I come from Jacksonville, FL where there are 365 homicides a year so this seems pretty low to me. Use some common sense, stay away from the drug traffic and you'll be ok. I've been here ten years and have had to deal only once with any crime ... someone tried to steal my old, island car! Come visit and enjoy!

Posted : March 1, 2004 7:46 pm
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5 mile commute takes me 20-25 minutes on STT:
Up the North Side from West Caret Bay, honk the horn as I climb onto 33 & hang a left, around the curves past 2 sets of dumpsters, watch out for the cow tied to that truck parked by the dumpsters, past Deano's restaurant & bar (mmmm that pizza from there was good last nite!) on to Four Corners, slow down & honk as I cross the intersection, get the morning view of ST John & BVI as the Sun blinds me, wonderful views of the harbor to my right -OH, 3 cruise ships in today- go around the next curve & slow down for that herd of goats just before the left turn to Mountain Top, ...downshift to 2nd for the umpteenth time as I make a sharp right turn, over the mountain & thru the jungle past Sib's, squeeze between the parked cars & uphill traffic by Mafolie restaurant, make a right (much easier since the road heading North to Drake's Seat is one way due to the road repairs being done) up ahead to get a VI Daily News from the lady sitting on the rock wall just before that LAST hairpin turn that will take me to the stop sign at the SW corner of the stadium...OH, it's Saturday morning, fish & lobster guy is at the corner of the stadium...hmmm, he musta had a good day fishing, nice Groupers & Yellowtail Snapper in his pickup bed, buncha spiney lobsters too. That's my morning commute!


Posted : March 2, 2004 12:31 am
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Parrot ... gives an interesting and accurate description of going from one part of the island to another. While we can't match Jacksonville's annual homicide rate (thank god) we do have traffic congestion problems that are different but just as annoying as driving on the "interstate". As Islander tells you...things are different here. We do have a crime problem, but not even close to that of a mid sized city in the states. It is just more "magnified" by the smaller population.

You have the right idea...come on down and take a look.

Posted : March 2, 2004 3:36 am
(@Love it!)
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After living in Atlanta, I would give anything to ride a goat to work and honk at lobsters....;}) Hopefully soon I will, quit job, sold car and my house closes on March 31!

Posted : March 2, 2004 4:36 pm
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love it im in atlanta too im planning on june u?

Posted : March 2, 2004 8:55 pm
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I've seen your posts Cale and there is one other guy named Tyler who should be down there by now who went to UGA. Trying to tie up loose ends now, pay off bills and get out ASAP. Could be early April but maybe longer....looking to probably find roomate down there, seems like it would be cheaper. Couple others round here doin the same, but it certainly would be harder unless everyone showed up at once. Message board mantra seems to be 'You gotta be on island'; so that's my main concern right now, instead of trying to line up work or a place to live. Have you decided which island? Me, hopefully STJ. I too would love to get a boat job, but my experience is limited to one summer in Cabo aboard sportfishers. We'll see....I'll keep you posted. Keep an eye on the on-line version of the Virgin Island Daily for job postings. It is not comprehensive, but there are occasional listings that allow you to fax a resume, which I have done, even offering to come down for an interview at my expense, but no offers yet. No problems.....

Posted : March 3, 2004 2:11 pm
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