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I understand this may be a silly question. My husband has been living on island for the last few months and I'm here in the NE packing up the rest of our belongings for my move Mid-Dec.

Of course it's cold here now, and we have friends on STX that say certain times of year it gets "chilly" on island - especially once you've been on island for a while, but how much (if any) of this stuff do I really need? How often do you all feel like you wear long sleeved shirts, hoodies, cardigans etc? Will I ever have a need for my flannel sheets or pillow cases? Do i still need a comforter? I plan on bringing my light rain jackets but during storms would I ever need anything heavier than that? What about house slippers or fluffy socks? I know I'm going to bring down a few pieces just for my travels back home during cold months but didn't know if the rest would be a waste.

Thanks again

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Spouse and I have a couple of light long sleeve shirts that we wear maybe 2 or 3 times a year (mostly when visiting friends in the evening who live at higher elevations) - rarely, if ever, were them during the day and when they are worn half the time I have the sleeves rolled up.

We each have one light sweater that we wear even less frequently- I seem to recall wearing mine once about 3 years ago. Don’t own hoodies, fluffy slippers or heavy socks (in fact I only wear socks when traveling somewhere off-island. Wear flip-flops or sandals around the house instead of slippers.

Don’t own a “rain jacket” and rarely use an umbrella - maybe 3 or 4 times a year if I don’t feel like waiting for the brief shower to pass before walking from the car across the parking lot to the store.

Forget about the flannel sheets, heavy comforter (unless you plan to keep the A/C in your bedroom set at near “zero”.

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My biggest mistake when making my first move to STX in '95 was taking all my winter things to Goodwill. After living here awhile you acclimate and winter nights can become chilly.
This last move in '12, I left my coats at my daughter's home and brought a few sweaters, long pants/jeans for travel. I sleep under a quilt year round. As for flannel sheets, I didn't bring them. Flip flops are my norm in waking hours either out of the house or in. I have a few socks for travel.
Since our seasons here compare to Spring and Summer, you'll probably need to buy more of that attire as you'll get tired wearing same things year round.

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I ha e a nice set or flannel sheets. I use them for maybe a month. I have about 3 flannel shirts. A few cardigan sweaters. Slippers. 1 hoodie. 1 jacket quilts that I use In the winter. Socks

Don't get rid of all of it unless you never plan on going back north for visits and weddings and funerals.

A few key pieces will come in handy

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For STX I’ve only worn sweatpants and socks once. When I lived (and soon again) on northside STT I wear them often in dec and Jan. I’m also a sissy - TX, AZ and VI. I like it hot. 70 is freezing to me. This year it did hit 69 in the rainforest - which was the one time I dawned socks.

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