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Coming to St Thomas to open a business!  


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September 24, 2010 6:38 pm  

Okay, here it goes... How is everyone? Just wanted to introduce us. We have gone on here the last few weeks trying to find information and all I can say is Thank God for this site as there seems to be tons of stuff to figure out before headed to the island from Florida.
We will be 6 months on the island and 6 months off in our Florida home. Just me and my hubby. We own our business now so we know the deal.
Our hobbies= He dives, I write books and I am a yoga teacher.
I have a 15 yr old boy but he lives in N.J. with his Dad and will visit during his spring break.
Looking to open a retail business (apparel) and looking forward to finding a nice affordable rental villa with a pool near to Havensight- in Bolongo or Frenchman's.
Can anyone tell me about Cost U Less for groceries? Do they require a membership? I found the store in our rental car on accident getting lost on my way to Bolongo!
I did not find much at Pueblo coming by the airport during my 3 day PMT 3 weeks ago, is the Pueblo by Havensight where I should look for my shopping?
The Kmart has already become my friend, but not for food so much. Where does one go for fresh veggies and fruit? I need the hook up.
Looking forward to making great long lasting friendships on the island and finding the right permanent employee for our retail store. The store will be year round.
St Thomas is a lot like Florida but in a sense a lot different. I am a Jersey/New York girl and he is Chicago so we will adapt, that is what we do. My husband gave me an idea about bringing the cat over on the plane that I should write a child's book about the adventures of Mimi cat who mysteriously wakes up in St Thomas! I can make it a series. Mimi goes back to Fl for a visit, Mimi goes on the cruise ship for a tuna buffet, it's priceless!
Great forum, thanks for all the information. I am off to figure out how to afford to get there!!!!!
Your new island pals,
Kat n Ira

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September 24, 2010 9:17 pm  


Why St. Thomas?

Have you been to St. Croix? I tried both and chose St. Croix.

We have two KMarts on St. Croix, as well as Cost-U-Less.

And The Wall for Ira.

Good luck!

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September 24, 2010 10:15 pm  

Cost-U-Less does not require a membership. In fact, with a card, you get discount coupons after you spend some amount. Their produce, until last week, was my favorite. Suddenly, they have all prepackaged items. No more single avocado, you have to but 8. BOO! (Note to others- go to the customer service desk- they have a form to complain, and say they have gotten a lot of negative customer feedback!) So my other fruit and veggie place is the Fruit Bowl. Very nice selection and very nice people. Marina Market is my third choice. I have not been in Pueblo since 1995. (td)

I am gathering you have done your due diligence on the retail business, so no comments there. Good luck with finding a great employee.;)

You might put your rental request in the classified section here and see what happens.

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September 25, 2010 12:35 am  

The Fruit Bowl is my veggie source, too. But, it's best to go on Sunday afternoon or Monday. Their trailer comes in then, so freshness and selection are best. They always seem to have baby bok choy for $2.79/lb (I think that's the price). Kale and other greens are $3.49 a bunch. Fresh spinach is about $4.99 a bag. You can also get singles there instead of pre-packed. Some squashes seem to be decent buys.

Get to know someone with fruit trees! Nothing beats free and fresh.

Do you have a location for your business? What kind of apparel?

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