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Hello - I am a high school language arts teacher in the States (Midwest area). I am longing for a simpler way of life, a slower pace, a change of scenery, etc . . . and I found a site encouraging teachers to apply and teach in the VI. I don't want to offend any long-time residents or experts on living in the VI. I am simply very interested and curious about the possibility of re-locating and teaching in the VI, but I realize that I am also very naive, so please don't be offended by my questions! Any honest, frank responses are much appreciated!

1. My husband and I are a bi-racial couple (I am white and he is black) - in general, will this be an issue in how we may be treated by folks?
(Again, please don't be offended - I am just trying to get a basic understanding of the local customs / culture / environment)
2. We have a 5-year old boy. If there are people out there reading this with small children, how is the school system?
3. How are the high schools for both students and teachers? Are they run well? The photos of the schools look beautiful - are they equipped with current resources?
4. Is it possible to live on the islands on a teacher's salary (approx. $46,000 / year) and find a modest, simple, affordable home?

Local residents and experts, enlighten me! Thank you so very much in advance - I truly appreciate the gift of your time and insights.

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biracial should not be a problem, i see biracial couples all the time.
people with kids in the public and/or private schools should answer your other questions concerning that. most staesiders prefer to send their children to private schools

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1. I don't think people in general have a big issue with interracial relationships.
3. With our amazing scenery, any dump can potentially look beautiful in a picture.
4. $46,000 is not a teacher's salary in the USVI! Try the 30K range!

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Schools are a hot topic here. Here are some search results on this forum for "public schools", so you can read more:,search=public+schools,author=,page=2,match_type=PHRASE,match_dates=365,match_forum=4,match_threads=

The public schools here have a reputation for being pretty bad in many respects.

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Thank you all so much for the helpful insights - STXBob - the link to the search results for "public schools" is very interesting!

(I did check the VI public school pay scale, & with my Masters Degree and years of experience, I would actually start at 46K - still unsure, though, if we could afford to live in the VI on this salary . . . .?)

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