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Crime in Our Community

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We shouldn't have to be afraid to go places like Pt. Udal. I admit, I wouldn't just drive out there for a ride all alone, but I love taking tourists, family and visitors out there. We can't let the bad guys win and these are just opportunistic little petty thieves. Obviously from all the posts, its been going on out there for years, but it isn't really the same people all these years... just punks trying to get a quick buck or two. They steal and run. We won't stop it, but we shouldn't let them run us off either.

The person who was robbed last week is taking a pro-active attitude toward it. He is organizaing a "Crime Free' Day at Pt. Udall for Nov. 1st from 10 to 4. On this day, we are all invited to come out for a little "Community Pot Luck/Picnic" at Pt. Udall. His idea is as he puts it:

"to Come together in a spirit of common purpose and support to help assure that on this date and time there will be no criminal activity at Point Udall to spoil the experience of visiting at this picturesque location on our island home"

I like it. Its been awhile since I've been out there and I think I'll take my beach chair, umbrella, and portable BBQ and make a little "Sunday Funday" out of it. Why not! I might meet some great people!

Look for his event posters being distributed today around town. Contact info is on there.

Posted : October 7, 2009 4:17 pm
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