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Don't Forget! CZM Meeting tonight on St. John for proposed 145 slip marina in Coral Bay


At legislature building next to Spauve school.
Meeting starts at 4:30PM TODAY!

There's mucho hinky stuff going on with this project according to EAR docs that have been submitted by CZM so if you live on STJ (or even STT) and don't wish to see the face of Coral Bay changed forever with this massive project, attend the meeting.

Here are a couple of quotes:

This will FOREVER change the face of this quiet, pristine, low key area and endanger the marine life there with "Sea grass shading/die-off, restriction of water circulation in the bay, leaching of toxic bottom paint compounds from high density of boats, displacement of existing moorings, poor (exposed) location, etc., etc." mentioned to me by a Marine Biologist who has lived in St. John his entire life and knows of what he speaks and will be speaking in opposition to this msiguided project.

From a Daily news article:

"It is such a large-scope project. It imposes so much on our seascape that it's hard to imagine it being acceptable under our environmental law and our community's environmental values," said Sharon Coldren, president of the Coral Bay Community Council, Inc, on Friday.

The council posted the entirety of the application on its website at

The council also has created an email,, at which comments about this specific project can be submitted. The council told DPNR that it will print all emails received and give them to DPNR because the department told the council it likely would be unable to print all of the emails it received regarding the project for the meeting."

See the SWOT analysis here:

Topic starter Posted : August 20, 2014 6:50 pm

Overflow Crowd Says No to St. John Marina Proposal

Although Summer’s End principal Robert O’Connor Jr. claimed to deny St. John the opportunities that would come with building the group’s proposed St. John Marina would be genocide, the vast majority of those who spoke at Monday’s Coastal Zone Management Committee public hearing at the Legislature building thought otherwise.

“Coral Bay needs a marina, but only a couple of slips,” St. John resident Philip “Grasshopper” Pickering said, echoing the comments of many who took their turn for three minutes at the microphone.

Read more:

Summer’s End wants a CZM permit for a 145-slip marina that V.I. Conservation Society President Jason Budsan said will occupy 35 percent of the harbor.

Topic starter Posted : August 21, 2014 11:46 am
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