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In trying to keep up with what is going on with the Limetree Bay operating agreement I caught some of the legislature coverage today. They passed a new bill 31-0292 which impacts how EDC beneficiary companies classify 'local' workers. While I did not hear the full details it was something to the effect of: if you move here to work for an EDC company then even after one year you cannot be counted as local.
If this is the intent of the legislation then it could have a serious impact on anyone moving here intending to work for an EDC company.

BUT the real travesty is that this bill 31-0292 is missing from the legislatures web site bill tracker http://www.legvi.org/vilegsearch/Default.aspx so you can't even review the details of this important piece of legislation!

I've e-mailed a couple of the more 'responsible' senators so we'll see if there is any reply as to why this is missing.

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Yes. Was that not clear?

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