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Free Admission Next Week at National Parks

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April 22 to 26 is National Parks Week and to celebrate, admission to V.I. National Park’s Trunk Bay on St. John and Christiansted National Historic Site on St. Croix are free for the entire five days.
Admission to Trunk Bay on St. John is free Monday through April 26 for National Parks Week.

“We pass history every single day,” Christiansted Superintendent Joel Tutein said of reasons why people should visit the historic site.

While it’s an opportunity for the territory’s residents to explore their history on St. Croix, Tutein said it was also an opportunity for visitors to see their federal tax dollars at work at no charge.

Trunk Bay Beach is the most visited beach on St. John, and is home to an underwater trail where swimmers can snorkel over a reef and read plaques that identify the coral and fish below.

Mike Anderson, deputy superintendent at the St. John park, said that while people would probably go to Trunk Bay even if they had to pay admission, the fee free days were a good way to get families away from the unfolding story on the television about the Boston Marathon bombing.

“You can pause and think about what’s important,” he said.

Admission to Trunk Bay is also free from 11 a.m. Saturday as the Friends of the Park group celebrates Reef Fest, a continuation of Friday’s Earth Day event.

The admission to Trunk Bay is usually $4. Admission to both Fort Christiansvaern and the Steeple Building at the St. Croix historic site is usually $3 for both buildings. Children under 16 are admitted free in both locations.

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Posted : April 20, 2013 3:14 pm
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I think people should be encouraged to make a donation, though. The parks are losing funding because of government cut backs.

Posted : April 21, 2013 2:20 pm
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