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Go forth and multiply

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ok. so a short, sort of funny story for u west indian folk. i work at a liquor store in good ole mississippi. use to live in stx for a while. anyway... this west indian guy (st lucia) comes in the store, regular customer. "hey mon, how old you?" 25. "how many kids?" 0. "what!? you married?" naw. "What!? are you SERIOUS about ya life?" well... "Look mon, genesis, go forth and multiply. you know dis?" yes, 1st commandment (before the 10). "Ok mon, you give that lady some children and you parents some granchildren, make dem proud" well, ok. now that ya put it like that sir, ill get to work.

I just love people and (although he was a little intoxicated) i got his vibe. Mon, dont worry so much about ya life. find you a pretty girl and have ya a baby or some and "be fruitful and multiply" me son. i love this cultue. if considering a move, do it. what dont kill ya make ya stronger. hahaha. love life ; )

Ps: my frien that still live there say, " yea, west indian folk always getting mad at me cause i dont have no chilren an dem" hahahha. yea, we white folk from the north kinda selfish with we life. damn north american culture, aint good for none.

Posted : May 22, 2011 5:10 am
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"What!? are you SERIOUS about ya life?"
Right. Children out of wedlock will put you on the road to poverty. Just look around you if you think I'm wrong.

Posted : May 23, 2011 12:16 pm
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