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sandy parr
 sandy parr
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September 17, 2006 11:32 pm  

greetings golfers,

i am gather ing information about golf on the islands. I would like to hear from all golfers. i have several questions so please feel free to respond to any or all.

1. are there any publications dedicated to golf on the islands?
2.are there any local golf associations or clubs? many residents play golf? ball park is fine.
4. is golf growing on the islands? especially among ladies and juniors? is it a sport at the college or high school level?
5. do the lslands media cover golf on a regular basis?
6. would you like to have golf covered on a regular basis?
7 what is your favorite course? and why?
8.does anyone have any specific info on mahogany run? good or bad.
9. do you think a golf school for locals would be of interest?
10.Whats the best shot you ever made and can you tell me about it? (this might be published in the states)

thanks--feel free to send any comments you may have.


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