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Hello. My son and and I are currently living in Florida and he is on full permanent disability benefits. SSI- He recieves $600 a month in cash, $160 in food stamps and section 8 housing per the Florida State benefits. We don't use the housing benefit. We have the opportuity to move to St Thomas and live with family and I was wondering if anyone may know what the disability benefits are in the USVI. Benefits cahnge from state to state and are not available in Puerto Rico. Is the USVI the same? Any information would be helpful. Gracias--Elisa

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Hello there. Yes, they are. Someone had said there was a deduction of $50- per month, though when I recently went through the process, this did not show up on my calculation sheet. It was exactly the same as stateside.

After moving, the case/file will be forwarded after 30 continuous days of residency. For a smooth transition, just let the SSA where you are now know about the move, provide it in writing, and ask them to fax it to the office on STT.

In the event of some sort of breakdown in the process, which I seriously doubt will occur, please contact me and I can give you the names and numbers of people to call.

I do not know about food stamps, as I do believe that is calculated by each state and territory in terms of qualification and for what. I imagine your qualification will flow as with the disability, however, in terms of the amount , I don't know if it will stay the same. Again, contacting your local office should be of assistance in this area as well. As food in general costs more here, you might actually find an increase.

Best wishes, and please do save my name and number in the event you have trouble.


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Im interested in this as well.  Could you help me find some answers.  I can email or call.



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Good Day!
I'm in the same position as Elisa with my child. We would like to move to STT. My child also has Section 8 & from looking at the classified online, not many landlords accept Section 8 for some reason or another. I heard about an apartment complex called Patriot Manor. Does anyone know anything about this complex, e.g.: where it is located, close to transportation/shopping, neighborhood, condition of apts., etc. Would it be a nice complex for a single mother & her child?
Any input/help would be appreciated.
Have a Nice Day!

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do you have a job lined up or know anyone here? have you thought about stx. 

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It is much more expensive to live in the VI than FL.

Groceries, gas, electricity, housing, internet, etc. You name it and it'll probably cost more.

Do your homework.

Many rentals do not take section 8


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