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Good Hope vs Country Day

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Moving with a teenager and would love to get feed back on which school you feel is better for a high school student. They both look great and will definitely have to tour them both when we get there but would like some outside feedback as well.

Posted : March 5, 2007 5:36 pm
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Which of the two schools to choose depends on a couple of things, primarily your child and secondarily where you will be living on the island. Good Hope has extra emphasis on the Arts in their curriculum. This includes band, choir, theater/performing arts, painting, pottery, sketching, art history and other aspects of the art field. If your child has an artistic flair, he/she may find Good Hope to their liking. Country Day has a stronger swimming team program. Both schools have good math and science programs and send virtually all graduates off to college. Good Hope is located on the waterfront of the south shore at the western tip of the island. Country Day is located almost dead center in the island. This makes Country Day an easier commute for many families. There is very limited bus transportation on the island for school children, so it's wise to take that into account when selecting both a school and a living location.

Posted : March 5, 2007 6:46 pm
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