Governor to Submit ...

Governor to Submit Recycling Legislation  

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So he said in his State of the Territory address. Supposedly this week. That would be huge if it's implemented and enforced even if not 100%.

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Submitted legislation has to be passed and then the funding found to implement it. It sounds nice but there's really no point in highlighting it before actual moves follow words.

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They are also going to ban plastic bags. Well, along with plastic bags, they need to ban styrofoam. I can't tell you how much styrofoam I pick off the beach every weekend!

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Must have funding.
It would be nice to get recycling started.
It's going to take a massive education program, however.
Mapp can talk the talk but I've yet to see actions result from his words in a positive manner.

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They need to do like they do in BVI grocery stores bring in your own bag or pay 25 cents for a plastic bag.

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