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Helicopter Hazard

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Is there something in the drinking water down there ya'll? lol Be blessed that you are lucky enough to live on St. Croix and not in a city where you can't take a nap because of the neighbors dog barking constantly, leaf blowers going all hours of the day, lawn mowers every day, fire trucks up and down the streets going to every emergency that occurs in the city even if it's not a fire.
I got worn out from reading this thread and still can't take a nap cause the damn dogs are barking again.


Posted : June 14, 2008 5:57 pm
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Just catching up after being away for a while and this thread astonishes me. I too, am a pilot.
Regarding the FARs, just because you are allowed to do something, doesn't mean that you should do it. I see this all too often with fixed wing and rotor-craft. Especially near beaches: stunting, low flying, aggressive maneuvering. I have seen one crash (fixed wing) and have responded to 2 crashes (one fixed, one rotor) at the beach (back in my youth as a lifeguard). Similar root causes: operating within the FARs, but operating with insufficient margin. As my first flight instructor used to say, "There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old ,bold pilots".
Now, I cannot speak for Rotorhead's operations. I have not seen him. However, if any aircraft operator is flying in such a way to annoy a number of people (note: I mean more than one who may have a hair across their you know what), then he or she ought to knock it off. It is bad for the sport and reflects poorly on all pilots.

Posted : June 15, 2008 12:43 pm
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I would *love* to fly in a private helicopter. Rotorhead, your name makes sense now, I thought it was something about cars at first.

Anyway, this was a fun read 😀

Posted : June 21, 2008 2:39 am
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Since numerous people have asked, there are three ways to ride with me in the helo.

1) I donate about a dozen helicopter rides a year to various charities on St Croix. Everything from the Animal Shelter to the Women's Coalition, including the Shriners, Landmark Society, Navy League, various schools etc. You can go to their fund raisers and bid on the helo ride.

2) Join the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. Go through the DHS security vetting. Go through the training to become Coast Guard Aircrew. You can then fly coastal patrol and SAR missions with me. We meet at the American Legion building across from Tuto Bene's the 1st Thursday of every month.

3) Take the time to get to know me in real life. If we become friends, I will most likely invite you to go for a ride.


Posted : June 21, 2008 3:00 am
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John! On your next swing by wapa--suagr beach-St C area, look up the hill above St C and the school!--ill be waving a huge towel and shining mirrors...Got a big landing pad errr backyard! Come pick me up some time, looks like an absolute blast!


Cory K

Posted : September 18, 2008 12:19 pm
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You must be the house on the hill with the wind generator and solar panels; Next door to the McWhorters.
I just buzzed you.

Posted : September 18, 2008 10:07 pm
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lol,thats too funny, i saw you when i was driving home this afternoon at about 5:30-5:45 You were right above my house, but i dont have any panels on this house yet!!

Let me know when your doina fly by next time!!!

Posted : September 18, 2008 10:22 pm
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Hey rotorhead!! I too see you and wave,and say "hi rotorhead" and smile-just a little! I live right in the same area

Posted : September 18, 2008 11:58 pm
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I wave too as you swoop Grapetree Bay & the castle......................I want to fly toooooooooooo!!!

Posted : September 19, 2008 12:05 pm
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