Hurricane Irma - 11...

Hurricane Irma - 11am update  

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Now I am getting concerned about Irma!

Here is what Super Dave just posted on after the 11am advisory came out.

He was a weatherman on STT and still lives there. He knows his weather!

Here is what he said:

Good morning,

Just a quick update.

TS Irma has undergone rapid intensification (RI) in the MDR and is now a mid Category 1 hurricane with winds approx. 85 mph and a noticeable eye. Approx location is 16.7N and 33.4W and has only slightly wobbled north from 16.4 so pretty much slightly just north of a due west track. Irma is still expected to take an unusual dip to the SW which, if she does and stays on a SW dip for a few days, will make a landfalling impact in the mid to northern Leeward Islands an almost certainty with a forecast intensity of a Cat 3 or 4.

There is little to slow down this intensification as waters are warmer closer to the islands, wind shear is low and so is the dry air/Saharan Dust levels. Computer models are not super accurate these many days out but when they cluster together, it's a fairly accurate position. Plus, if you have been through one of these like I have, you get a real uneasy feeling.

This is not meant to cry wolf. This is meant to inform and raise awareness. Hurricane Irma has the potential to be a devastating hurricane and all possibilities are still on the table as in the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico with the GOM and the east coast thrown in for good measure. Basically, everyone needs to be vigilant here.

Behind Irma is another very healthy wave which has just splashed off the African coast much lower around 10N. This also will need to be watched but wind shear will be problematic for this one. Still....


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I'm not even on island yet. However, this one is making me nervous. I'm not psychic but I have a bad feeling. Hope I'm wrong. Everyone prepare now, please.

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i just looked at weather underground, they do have it turning into a 4 about a day before it is near us.

we will prepare on sunday. shutters pull shut, so no issue. we already have water. we just need canned goods and cat food. just refilled the meds.

if we lose power, it shouldnt be out long due to the feeder we are on.

will wash the clothes, towels etc on weekend.

maybe i will bake cookies too?

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SPAM,....lots of SPAM. That's what I get when blizzard is forecast. Calorie dense. My coworkers laugh at me but have taken advantage of the SPAM in the past. Lol!

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she's turning north.. I'm calling it!

Everyone think "turn north" thoughts... haha

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