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For the past few weeks Sprint has REPEATEDLY dropped my cell phone calls. No matter where I am on St. Croix, from Christiansted to the rain forest in west end, the calls drop and I have to call back over and over again. Sometimes I borrow my daughter's phone (she has AT&T) just so I can speak for 3 minutes without the call dropping. Everyone I know with Sprint has the same problem. I complained to Sprint and told them to look at my call log which shows I repeatedly redialed the same number. If they don't rectify this problem I am going to break the 2 year contract and sue them. Maybe class action suit will make them pay attention and find a solution.

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AT&T is currently having the exact same problem


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I've been having a lot of trouble lately also... no Sprint service and no 3G for at least 8 different days this month. I called Sprint yesterday and they documented the issue and sent it out to their "teams" to check into it. Not sure any good will come from it but at least it's documented. Can't hurt for everybody experiencing trouble to call them... If we fuss loud enough and long enough SOMETHING will change...

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I have a Sprint IPhone 5 and have been lucky to have a 1 minute call before being dropped for the past several weeks. My wife has a Sprint IPhone 4 and has had occasional issues but nothing close to my issues, and she has 10 calls to my one. Sprint says that our phones are connecting to different towers and a software update should correct my problem. However, the update will not go through due to a lost phone connection before the update can be completed. I plan to stop by the Sprint store here on STX sometime this week and see if they can correct the issue. But it is extremely irritating to not be able to use my phone as a phone. At least I can still use it for email as long as I have a WIFI connection.

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No matter what service you have in the VI, I think you're eventually going to have an issue. If constant connection is an issue, and you don't have a job so you can connect to your employer's network, you should consider a backup connection on another carrier.

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