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I saw this on Craigslist this morning about Water Island Villas


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February 5, 2014 4:47 pm  

waterislandvillas.com AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! (USVI)

0BR apartment
We recently stayed at this establishment and found the on-site business manager and off-site booking agent to be disreputable,
Some of the multitude of problems we encountered at this sub-par rental facility were:
- Online photos of unit were grossly outdated, furniture and units were extremely rundown.
- Roach and mosquito infested.
- Roof leaked in several places.
- Some units are very hot, have no AC, and fans are inadequate to cool space.
- No TV, and internet is spotty at best.
- No on-site drinking water filtration system (generally used on Water Island)
- No back-up electric generator (generally used on Water Island). Units immediately become a mosquito infested oven without fans and AC.
- Constant noise from on going facility construction (LOUD!)
- No washing machine or dryer on site [must take ferry to St. Thomas ($10 RT fee to wash clothes)].

Please note: there are many fine and reputable establishments on Water Island to choose from, AVOID Water Island Villas (www.waterislandvillas.com), formerly "The Casas"

I have never personally been there and probably never will since you have to take a boat to and from the island just to get to it. This is quite a shame that people would let it get that bad.

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