Indian restaurant?  

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Heard a rumor an Indian restaurant had recently opened on stx. Near plaza extra east? Any truth to that?

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Yes, the rumors are true. Its in the same little plaza that Napolean Pizza is across from Cost U More. I haven't been there yet but friends say its good.

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I haven't been yet either, however I have heard good things. I know they have a bar and are open for dinner 7 days a week 4:30 -10pm

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Menu changes weekly. Ate there last week. Food was good but a bit pricy for Indian food. Location is not where Napoleons pizza is, but next alley to the west. Good decor, friendly service. I'll be back.

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The Chinese food in the VI is high compared to other places and the quality is so-so. If the Indian food is good, it should be worth the price since it's the only one. We don't have one on STT, unfortunately.

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