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Inherited land

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Hi everyone. I inherited land that has a house on it that has lots of damage. In the next years, I plan to tear it down with family and friends. The home is uninhabitable so it wouldn’t be worth it to rebuild. However once that’s done, I would like to rebuild a small house for a family of four. I’m thinking 1000 sq ft with 2-3 bedrooms. Potentially also an in-law suite for my dad. I don’t have lots of money but want to rebuild a home on property that my grandparents purchased that I lived on as a child. I’m seeing so many negative stories about building a home but I think coming back to STX and living here with my family makes the most sense. We want a place to slower paced living where we can homeschool our kids, care for our pets and garden. 

any advice or tips for building a small home. The property already has a cistern so it’s probably outdated. I don’t know anything about construction and won’t have a lot of capital. We don’t plan to live here for 3 years at least. If you al are familiar with the homes in Catherine’s rest, that’s kind of what I’m thinking. How do I go about starting this venture?

I can be patient and am willing to work hard. I just want to go back to where I was born and raised early in my life. 

Posted : April 16, 2024 7:59 am
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You will want to work with a local architect.  That will be your first step. They will be able to give you an idea on costs to construct based on your choice of building materials.  Concrete is recommended because it is much more resilient than wood.  But it is also much more expensive.  You will need to obtain a demolition permit before removing the damaged structure.  Good luck to you!  

Posted : April 20, 2024 3:03 am
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