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Innovative telephone service. Not.

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Update: got a $99 AT&T box, took 1/2 hour at the store in Sunny Isle. Plugged it in, plugged my phone into, up and running in 5 minutes. Says it runs for 3.5 hours on batteries too (with a corded phone, of course).. $20+tax for unlimited calls to the states. My InNOvative line costs me much more than that.
AT&T gives a 14 days money-back (minus small restocking fee), so I'll report back on line quality and reliability.
So far, I feel kind of stupid signing up with Innovative to start with.

I just signed up for this, too. It's called AT&T Wireless Home Phone. It was fast and easy, and they ported my phone number from Innovative to AT&T in just one day, although they say it usually takes about a week. Our Innovative service worked well, but at $65/month (incl. unlimited calling to US) it was no bargain. The AT&T service is not as clear, but it's usable, and for $20/month (+ about $5 in taxes and fees), it includes all the features that I had with Innovative, and more.

Posted : July 2, 2014 9:21 pm
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