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Interested in sharing a charter?

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Trying to get my dog to St. Thomas. I have been checking charter costs. $7,800 from Miami! Anyone interested in sharing a charter this fall? Anyone have any other ideas of how to move a 3 ft. tall 152# dog? I have been told it will be at least $2,000.00 to take her as cargo on the airlines because of her size. Help!

Topic starter Posted : May 18, 2008 1:29 pm

Polly call Continental Airline animal cargo 800-575-3335 or 281-553-5052. You also can google continental shipping animals and the web site will provide all the info on shipping animals. We shipped our 3 rotties through them and could not be happier. Our dogs all weighed over 100lbs and our biggest weighed 150. They had to be shipped in the 700 series crates, the size you would put a great dane in. They were able to put all 3 of my dogs on the same plane. There animal cargo holds are temperature controlled. If you are not traveling with your animals there is a web site where you can track them through their journey. Most animals can be shipped in 1 day. We had to ship ours to Puerto Rico and then chartered a plane to bring them to St. Croix. I believe that you would be able to get yours to St. Thomas without going through Puerto Rico as bigger planes go to St. Thomas. Our dogs had to overnight in Houston Texas because by the time they landed in Texas they missed the plane to PR. The Houston airport has an on site kennel and the animals are treated very well. My dogs arrived happy and well fed and watered. A very good experience. I cannot remember the exact price but I want to say it was around 3 or 4 hundred a piece on Continental. Our biggest expense was the Charter. I think it was around 12 hundred. I can try to research that if you would like. However you may be able to skip that expense if you can fly direct into St. Thomas.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need anymore information.


Posted : May 18, 2008 2:05 pm
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I would love any information on shipping/moving dogs. I am getting very frustrated and worried. We are thinking about letting her live with a relative and that breaks my heart!

Posted : May 20, 2008 6:44 pm
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We are flying from Fort Lauderdale on a 6am flight to Puerto Rico. From there, we have chartered a private plane to STX. We're both teachers and don't have bundles of money, so we aren't spending our savings on doing this. Contact for a quote. I know that they originate flights from San Juan and they have been very responsive to all of our e-mails.

Overall, we are paying about $150 (each) for the flight from FLL to SJU.
Then, the total flight from SJU to STX is $760 (for everyone!)

This includes my daughter, myself and our 55 pound dog.

Don't give up!

Posted : May 20, 2008 10:17 pm
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