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island dog and cat need a home  

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Good morning, six years ago, we had an island dog adopt my family.... she was probably at least 2 years old back then... a neighbor in the complex had her neutered and got her all her shots... when we moved into out new house, we brought her with us.... we also brought a cat (then a year old) that another neighbor had spayed. The two of them are best friends. Both are "fixed" and both are GREAT at catching rats and mice! Both eat cat food.... or rice and chicken if you like to cook for them. Both are out door animals... They are independent and low maintenance animals but don't mind our 4 year old daughter playing with them either.

We really don't want to take them to the shelter, or abandon them... and are hoping someone will be willing to give them a home..... because ...sadly my family and I are moving to the states and we are unable to take them with us...

I can send you pics... dog is a small white coconut retriever (looks a lot like Bolt)... cat is a grey tiger cat... would ideally like them to stay together if possible...

Thank you for considering this.

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I wonder where a line should be drawn between strays and animals you leave outside to roam the neighborhood, but feed and train to become dependent on you is.

It doesn't sound like these two have a real home, but could use one.

A lot of the comments are harsh in this thread, but I understand them. I worked too much around animal rescue and understand the main reason (other than not spaying and neutering) pets end up in the shelter, is because peoples lives change and they no longer want to care for the pets.

If you have a cat and dog, that you've not only been feeding, but have even moved them with you, these are your pets and you are an irresponsible pet owner.

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I was in bad accident and in a coma for a month. While in the hospital before I went under my phrase to my parents was take care of Sadie. My rescued put bull. Just sayin. She was also the reason I moved out at 17 as my parents didn't want to have a pit bull around. I had her until 2 years ago when we had a vet come to out to our home to put her down at 17 years old. I've been through some major stuff in my short lifetime but I always made sure my Sadie girl was taken care of and I would have never given her away.

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All the above being said, I am sure we all do wish you well for finding goo forever homes for the pup and kitty.
At the shelter, they have a much slimmer chance of doing so.
Good Luck and all the best for the animals.

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We all do the best with what we got. Unfortunately, Yvonne is not able to do what all would like her to do. Yvonne, keep doing your best and don't take it personally. People like to think they know what's best without knowing the circumstances.

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i agree with poodle.

if the airlines would make it easier for pets to fly to the states this problem may not be so common.

i know what yvonne is facing. i will have two dogs and a cat to transport to states when time comes. and it will sure take planning and money. its a sad situation. i pray that things work out for the best.

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