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Ken and Carrie

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You both (I believe it is you both) have a lot of concerns about moving from Yesterdaze comments about beachs, crime schools and etc. In regard to Yesterdaze (soorrry everyone) there are as many opinions on a topic as there are grains of salt on earth. I have read all the comments posted by this person and although there were a few good ones, most seem biased toward a disgruntled point of view. I have really taken to heart his comments on business stances due to the fact that is what my H and I want to do. On the other hand though... research or send PM to PATSTX, or LINDA J or RONNIE. They also are in the Know and have little tidbits of info. DR M or manny is doing business and Gaston. There are so many that HAVE or ARE succeeding in small business. Yesterdaze, unfortunately seems to have not.

Beaches... Having been and going in SEVEN DAYS... The beachs I visited were not dirty or filthy. I have no idea where this came from. Although I have not been to all the beachs or nearly all the beachs on STX. I'm sure that trash can be found on some or maybe most of them. The north shore seems to be the rocky, cliffy area. The west and south shore are very sandy exceptions include the F'sted shoreline on the west and Hovensa on the south. East is craggy. overall...

Schools... do a search for schools. As author type in Theresa. She had a clue, couldn't afford Private, homeschooled and last I read her children are now caught up and enjoying the public system. Although I am sure Theresa also works her children evenings on their ABC's.

Crime... You have a good general knowledge of crime. I think of it as two nights ago the 'Bonnie and Clyde of Tenn' where in TN. Last night they were less than 200 miles from my front door. Did I ask them to come in my direction? No! When I lasted visited STX, I went by myself and my dad and husband and brother were all worried. Do a search with no date under my auther and I believe I addressed the issue as have many.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to do a PMV or Pre move visit as we call it (Islander dictionary or glossary of terms... HEEE HEEE HEEE by the way still can not figure out the !?&cons). If you or Carrie could come down, do walk throughs on the schools, visit the jobsite, visit neighbourhoods, grocery stores, etc... It would take a load off your mind. As opposed to spending time and effort and money on doing it blind.

Good luck with your decisions and after Labor Day I will have more knowledge to share.

best wishes.. sorry for bad English tired...

Posted : August 12, 2005 3:30 am
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Eve...Thank you so much for your message. I agree that a PMV is going to happen before we make a final decision. I do have to say all the information this group has supplied has helped us in making us aware of the things that will be different and things we need to check on before we make the big move.

Thanks again!!

Ken and Carrie

Posted : August 12, 2005 11:44 am
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