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Kokopelli - Come In!

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Kokopelli has some interesting news from St. Croix if we can get sharing privileges - you out there, koko?

Posted : April 3, 2007 5:17 pm
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Hi Becky R, Who or what is kokopelli? Thanks

Posted : April 3, 2007 6:17 pm
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Kokopelli is a long time poster who moved off island but has recently been there visiting her man friend....We met at a scrapbook gathering at Travelwoman's house a year or so ago (and boy, do I miss Linda and Mike).....but Koko is a darling girl who is back stateside - many long time posters will remember her - and I'm hoping she'll sign in and tell us the latest!

Posted : April 3, 2007 6:32 pm
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LOL... hey I finally am slowly drifting out of the clouds, back to reality and thought Id check the board!

The great news is I am engaged and he did a great job of proposing when I went for my final visit to STX.
Although, I kinda had to struggle to let him has his "secret"... everyone and everything was pointing to it and I had to act oblivious so that he could surprise me (and I'd like to think -the smart girl I am... it is rather hard for me to act or be oblivious).

Anyway- he popped the question on a sunset sail out near the Buccaneer. On one knee and all!!!
Ahhh. He knows sunsets are one of my favorite things.

Although- we almost didnt get on the boat- somehow they lost our reservation.
And some friends that had been to Buck that afternoon and knew it was happening had been talking
around their 5 year old son - who ran into us minutes before we boarded. He runs up and asks me if we are
married? I was like "No silly, he's my boyfriend". Then he looks at Chris and asks "where's the ring, where's the ring"... I pretended to be talking to his mom so he wouldnt be bummed the cat was outta the bag.

The day before his coworker walks up, not so discreetly looks at my finger, looks at Chris and says "hey man, somethings missin"... I again, act aloof and oblivious....and pretend to be engaged in conversation with some other coasties, and chris says "oh, yeah, that hasnt gone down yet!".

And his internet history was loaded with wedding, ring, engagement stuff. Sucker- he should of erased the history. He jokes that Im like a detective.... but come on now.... Agent Kokopelli doesnt need good detective skills when they are handed to me on a platter at every turn!

Anyway- what a fun ending to my year of life on the island. Although I will never regret my experience... yet wish to live elsewhere... I am grateful we had a fun engagement on the island where our relationship blossomed and we have many years to come to reminisce about our adventures on the island....

the wreck the 5th day I arrived... from the hidden stopsign,
the job with the boss that drove me nuts...or to RUM RUM and more RUM
the roommate that was a drunk pilot (wow)
the day the pigeon peed on me and my subway sandwich
Richard in downtown Christiansted
the softball league we attempted (ha)
the trips to PR and STT
the friends from Hovensa, Coast Guard, and island natives who taught me sooo much
(and the other stuff we joke about that personally helped us get through the "exceptional prices and
customer service"... May I help!?)

PS- Becky - Im going to visit my mammacita in Arkansas soon... to do the whole mother and daughter
wedding planning... she's near Eureka.. and she says there's a great bridal dress GIANT store somewhere
with couture dresses yet reasonable prices somewhere a few hours away... you near either one of these???

Posted : April 11, 2007 3:00 pm
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I'm close enough to Eureka to meet up with you - and I know the bridal place you are talking about, it's in some podunk town but is VERY special.....can't think of it right now but my sis will know - and I would LOVE to see you again and maybe we can eat some nice turnip greens, cornbread and buttermilk together???

Posted : April 11, 2007 3:13 pm
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better make it soon then... no more buttermilk or other lard..slowly trimming the excesses where i can... wedding dress on the horizon!! lol

Posted : April 11, 2007 3:28 pm
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Buttermilk 11 carbs

Lard 0 carbs

So if you're doing atkins it's semi okay

Posted : April 11, 2007 4:19 pm
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lol- I can't stand the low carb craze... lost more weight the year I ate LOW FAT and tons of carbs.

Besides, my motto is... NOT ALL CARBS ARE CREATED EQUAL.

Our brains need carbs... which must be why Im soooo "together" and with it!!

There are two books by Dr Daniel Kirschenbaum that are great about weight loss/eating healthy
1. The Nine Truths About Weight Loss
2. The Healthy Obsession Program: Smart Weight Loss instead of Low Carb Lunacy

I personally worked with his programs and have seen the results for clients. Did an internship
with the Wellspring Camps that are in several states now (not your typical MTV "fat camp")
and they have the 1st boarding school in the nation for adolescent obesity (Academy of the Sierras).
He's the lead doctor from Northwestern University and the research they are getting is pushing insurance companies to cover these programs costs.... as it shows lasting weight loss and effective change for the students...most weight loss camps have return campers.. SEE YA NEXT SUMMER (with usually more weight to lose)..

Anyway- I lost 100 pounds several years ago and have kept it off except the 10 that crept back on during my year on the island... due to lack of exercise (stopped running in my neighborhood with IPOD for fear of mugging, etc.. and it did happen several times on my street) also due to lots of RUM intake and lack of great health food options... i tried the suggestions... the one by hovensa, etc etc... But I was spoiled with Whole Foods in the states and parks to feel safe running in, etc. I also hated my job and the island quirks..so I am sure that played in to it all.

Back to low carb... I watched my roommate eat LOW CARB HEALTHY last night...
as I ate my veggie burger and tossed salad with Fat free vinigarette dressing. My total fat for dinner
was about 5 grams... hers probably over 40-50 grams... I think I ate 20 grams all day!
Somehow- I think tons of fat intake- ironically leads to tons of fat storage- but that's just me.
What do I know?? 100 pounds.... it hit me when I was trying to take as much as possible to the island and stuffed
both bags to their 50 pound limit.. and loading those bad boys... they were heavy... "that's what I lost"... I thought! Wow.. try carrying that around everyday.

So- I suposse I have digressed completely- but now you have found the subject that I am passionate about.. the one I can't keep quiet. My skinny boyfriend, er... fiance (the original content of this thread) loves to have little debates about health/weight loss topics... just to get me going. He likes to argue his point, but until he moves from his little 160 pound spot on the scale ( at 6'1) I don't give him much creditability.

Over and out!

Posted : April 11, 2007 6:07 pm
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Thought I would 'weigh in' on this topic....I believe it is a simple equation: calories in minus calories out. Two big factors are exercise to help with the out (your lack of exercise on island confirms that) and food that keeps you satiated to help with the in. I also believe in small snaking on healthy food during the day to keep those hunger pangs at bay. MHO.

Posted : April 12, 2007 12:38 am
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koko, dear heart, certain strenuous marital activities (oh of course, silly me, PREmarital similars too) are well-documented fat-burners and even the addition of those chocolate-covered strawberries and whipped cream rarely seem to make a difference. You go girl!

Posted : April 12, 2007 1:05 am
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lol... yes my week on island surely burned a zillion calories and now I am back stateside minus the fiance til June....so having to resort to the gym and my personal trainer for the equivelant.

and thank goodness Im not a whipped cream fun, but love strawberries.

Good day to you all!

Posted : April 12, 2007 1:57 pm
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