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July 30, 2011 1:09 pm  

The LAST 2 DAYS, or rather nights, for The Toad and Tart are sadly here. Tonight, Saturday July 30th and tomorrow, Sunday July 3st with a "Clean out the Kitchen Dinner" will be your last two chances to savor the wonderful good food at reasonable prices that Anna Clarke has offered on island for 15 years. Go over there, buy a keepsake Toad, and give this wonderful lady a big hug for me! AND, if anyone has an apartment for rent, PLEASE CALL HER! She will be open during August to sell off all the equipment and all the good stuff found inside. AND, if anyone wants to hire a property manager with a live-in cottage of her own - you could not find one with more island and professional management experience. Look out for her my friends - she is truly an Island National Treasure!

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