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Learning New Things

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We’ve been going back and for for over a decade, but just completed two years living here full-time. Adjustments are necessary and learning new thing happens on a regular basis.

This morning I learned that ants are impervious to microwaves. How did I learn this? 

When I first get up in the morning, I’m not exactly firing on all eight cylinders. I had a leftover mug of coffee in the fridge, and with blurry eyes, gently placed it in the microwave for 3 minuets. As it hummed away on its normal high setting, I pulled back the curtains on the north facing windows. I performed my usual inspection of Buck Island, which everyone will be happy to hear, is still in perfectly pristine condition. 

After the microwave alerted me with its customary three beeps, I went to retrieve my life regenerating, mystically wonderful mug of Java. That’s when I noticed three ants crawling around inside my microwave...

Posted : July 30, 2019 9:30 am
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I remember a few years ago opening the dock box on my patio and finding an entire ecosystem of ants, roaches, spiders and other assorted six and eight legged creatures. Reminded my of the "all hail J" scene from Men in Black. 


Posted : July 30, 2019 9:52 am
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Tackling frogs once they accessed our cistern was fun too. It took months to get those little bug eyed amphibians cleaned out of there. We’ve surely got one of the cleanest cisterns on all of St. Croix now.

Funny, they never mention tree frogs or cisterns on HGTV   😉

Posted : July 30, 2019 5:19 pm
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Posted by: @singlefin

Funny, they never mention tree frogs or cisterns on HGTV   😉

Oh they mention them, just not together. 

It's just nature.  I find the bees building there mud tunnels all over.  The front door lock was hard to open for a while until a took it apart and cleaned out the mud nest that something built inside.  I just installed a new smoke detector a few weeks ago.  It came with tape over the mounting hole openings in the base plate.  The instructions said the tape was for keeping the bugs out and not to remove it.

Posted : July 30, 2019 10:22 pm
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Singlefin - that's interesting about the ants and microwave. And it resulted in a few minutes online looking up ants tolerance to microwaves. Seems there have been studies on this. 

On a related note, rain brings out a lot of the island critters. Flying termites were out the last few nights.  With WAPA out, and generator off, was using candles. The flying termites do not do well when they fly into candles. 🙂

Posted : August 30, 2019 10:20 am
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I kept seeing sugar ants in my kitchen 

No matter what I did they'd reappear.

After hurricane Marilyn, decided to replace and upgrade electrical panel.

There was the nest. Queen, eggs, workers.

They were attracted to the heat from breaker box.

New breaker box, No more Sugar Ants!

Who knew?





Posted : August 30, 2019 11:58 pm
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