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Looking to rent a condo in Mill Harbour/ Colony Cove. Is this a safe area for a family?

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mill harbour is much better now, when i lived there, we had three car break ins. sometimes when it rains too hard your water will have a salt taste. it looks cleaned up from when i lived there. there have been a few robberies there and there was also a shooting a few years back.

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yeppers.. mill harbour all good

colony cove as well

go over to "the palms at pelican cove" go to the bar and ask for trish

she a bartender there.. might have a couple condos at mill harbour for rent

check it out...

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right across the street from the section 8 housing. (projects)!

Linda J
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We have a friend who has a unit at Colony Cove. He is satisfied with the area and the complex.

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