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Moving from SC

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I am planning on moving to St Croix in January with my boyfriend for a 3 month travel nursing oppurtunity. Just wanted some advice on island living, the hospital, buying a car once I get down there, etc etc. My boyfriend is hoping to find work once we get down there also- he's an electrician. Any advice is appreciated!

Posted : December 13, 2008 10:05 pm
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hello, i don't know if my writing is advice but my wife and 3 children will be moving to st Thomas in June . for good. we have spent a good amount of time on st croix and got to know the island rather well. we would love to live there rather than st Thomas because of the laid back still of living
9so I'm sure you heard). my wife is in school for massage therapy and i am a carpenter of all trades. this being said we have decided that st Thomas will have more job opportunities than st. croix. we spend alot of time researching shipment costs and rentals to make sure were making not only a big decision but a smart move at that. i think if your boyfriend is an electrician he will do better working for himself rather than competing for hourly rates there. an electrician can do alot that he might take for granted that most people ,such as my self would not attempt. that's just something to think about. i do remodels and can and have built houses from start to finish and always have hired an electrician to do all fixtures as well as the pre drywall stages. well good luck. remember word travel on an island and maybe a good electrician may be needed in certain for yourself. just a thought.

Posted : January 4, 2009 1:46 am
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One thing to remember is that you are a working guest more or less at the hospitial and the permanent people are make a lot less than you. Try to fit in and do what you can to suppoet the hospital. You should have no problem if you accept what is here and don't try to complain or put down what is here. The people here are great. They try hard with not the best of supplies, or even upper management. Anf there is more free service down down here than the main land. So enjoy you stay.


Posted : January 4, 2009 3:11 pm
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