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Moving from Texas to St. Thomas

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Howdy, my girlfriend and I are considering moving to St. Thomas in February. She has already found a job working in a salon. I graduate in December with a bachelors of science in wildlife management. I have found very few job opportunities on the islands in my field... and have decided to widen my scope. What kinds of jobs could I expect to get? I've found a lot of service related/ sales jobs which I would be more than open to. I've applied for probably over 40 jobs online and have not heard back. I would imagine it's hard for employees to hire someone who is not on the island. So we will be staying a few weeks in January, then making the move in feb. So my question is once I arrive on the island, where should I begin my job search? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks y'all!

Topic starter Posted : October 10, 2016 8:35 pm

Have you checked with our VI Fish and Wildlife Dept. or our National Park Service? Maybe the Nature Conservancy? Dept. of Licensing and Consumer Affairs? University of the VI? VIERS (Virgin Islands Research Station) located in Lamashure Bay on St. John.

Islandjoan just posted this link on another topic.

Ecotours is always looking for guides for their various kayak trips.
Not a whole lot of money but you may enjoy it.

It is difficult to apply for a job when not on island as many businesses get inquiries from those "interested" in moving but never do so usually non responsive, especially if the job posted is for someone they need, now and not months from now.

As far as finding a job out of your professional range, only you can decide what your qualified for and you're willing to do.

Not to be discouraging but peak season is Nov. - end of April so many positions will be filled by Feb. That's not saying you won't be successful in finding something to pay bills while you make contacts.

Good luck.
Let us know how it goes!

Posted : October 10, 2016 9:04 pm
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Alana is correct. You will be arriving in the middle of the peak season so jobs, cars and apartments will be few and far between. Besides that hurdle the season ends after Memorial day so you may be employed for just a couple of months. Depending on your job you may not have work again until November. A lot of businesses close during the dead season.
Let's not forget you are not going to be hired off island.

Posted : October 10, 2016 9:11 pm
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Hello Zhurst42,

Adding to Alana's suggestion of contacting the University of the Virgin Islands: perhaps reaching out to professors in the Marine Science Department, Natural Resource Management and Environmental Science and seeing if they have ideas or openings for assistants or researchers. There is an employee directory on their website.

Some of the schools hire bachelor degree graduates in specific fields as teachers. If this sounds like a possibility, then you could look into openings for science teachers. Would most likely be for the new school year in the fall if you get hired as a teacher, so you might need to find something for Feb to Aug.

Thank you for using to help with planning your move to the USVI.

Posted : October 10, 2016 10:52 pm
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Try doing up a resume and sending it to all the places you would like to work. But yes, it's difficult to find a job unless being on Island because there are quite a few that apply off Island and never make the move. If you are handy, a good handyman is always needed if you don't mind a little hard work and have a limited knowledge in carpentry, concrete, plumbing and electrical. There is also a need for bush cutting as well if you have a couple of commercial grade weed or brush whackers.

But coming from Texas to a small Island, you will have quite a shock I'm sure.


Posted : October 10, 2016 10:56 pm
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