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There hasn't been a new moving story since 2005. Wonder why?

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most are moving the other way tami;)

I want to hear how it is to ship things OFF the island with shippers. moving furniture etc. is it easy?

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Ditto, Dixie. And pets! Tell me what it's like to get a large dog off of this rock.

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triple here too

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The moving stories were a big part of this forum several years ago. Part of the main relocation forum for a very long time they were eventually compiled by Islander and put into a separate category under the "The Move" pull-down menu. Since they're just as pertinent today as they were when written dating back to 2002, it's a shame that they're rather buried.

People new to this site inevitably jump right onto the forum which I suppose they find on a "google" and then some posters chastise others who nicely guide them to all the information already in place. Yes, I know the admonition about answering questions and not telling people just to "look here, look there" but you have to retain some common sense, and guiding people to the information right at hand is as easily done gently as abruptly.

Of all the information on this site I do think the moving stories are hugely relevant. Read back on them and you'll quickly see that the basics of moving just don't change over the years. The initial excitement remains the same, the settling in process with all its ups and downs remains the same and even the sometimes eventual disillusionment remains the same.

Very few stay for the long haul and there's nothing wrong with that at all. When I moved from the UK to the USA I didn't think in terms of "forever" and when I moved to St Thomas I didn't think "forever" either. Of all the people (transplants) I met in my first 10 years here, I don't think one of them is still living here and that's something you just get used to. Life is a perpetual change and each move and each transition is a new experience and a new adventure.

What I do find just a little dispiriting is the comments of those who are planning on leaving which so often take on such a negative bent. So for one reason or another, living here didn't work out for you and you've decided to move. But please don't take that as an opportunity to knock everything and everyone who decides to stay on. Your negative opinion is as valid as the positive opinions of others but don't get carried away. One thing I have found interesting is that many of those who've left have, through their experiences here in such a small environment, found themselves getting far more involved in local stateside and national politics than they would have done had they not lived here where everything is pretty much in your face every day. That would seem to me to be a big plus.

I'd like to suggest to Islander that the moving stories be given a little more prominent position. Repositioning them may inspire others to contribute their own stories.

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