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moving to stx with family

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I was hoping someone could help us out? My husband and I are looking into moving to St Croix with our 8 year old son in January 2011. We have been reading all the helpful posts and info on this site. We have been to St Croix and feel its the best fit for us. We are lucky that we have careers that allow us to move. I am a nurse and interested in finding a job there? I have 15 years of experience from ER, ICU to management. My husband is in hospitality- the management side of it in hotels. We understand that we need to just get down there to look for jobs but its unnerving a bit to leave our jobs without already having jobs set up before hand? It seems to be the case in most of the posts that we have read that people rather hire you after you have moved. Is that the same in management type positions?
Also, we are interested in activities for our 8 year old. I'm leaning towards the private schools on the island. Do they have good sports curriculums? Also, we are looking for housing to rent for now. We have 2 large (friendly) dogs also. Is it safe to ship the dogs (nervous about that) and is it expensive? Is it easy to find housing that accepts pets? Lots of questions- would appreciate any info 🙂 Thank you!

Posted : August 26, 2010 3:06 pm
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Regarding the schools, the top 2 schools on the island in my opinion are Country Day School, and Good Hope School. The Country Day School is good for more athletic oriented kids, who take school seriously, but prefer sports more so. The Good Hope School is the exact opposite. The schooling is much more advanced, and the teachers are far more serious. You will ask around and discover that most of teachers at Country Day have masters and bachelors, but they are not trained teachers. The Good Hope School is similar, but has more trained teachers. Country Day and Good Hope are both good for grades 5th and down, but Good Hope is better academically for Middle and High School. Here are the links to both of the schools websites:


p.s. Both campuses don't look anything alike to the ones in the United States, since they don't run air conditioning in the classrooms much. Good Hope has a few more air conditioned rooms than Country Day does, but not enough to affect your choice!

Please P.M. For further info!
Hoped this helped!

Posted : August 26, 2010 4:38 pm
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It is definitely true that they will not hire you for management positions from off island. Especially for Hotel Management jobs I would come down first and have a back up plan. We also just do not have many hotels. The good hotels rarely have openings and the ones that do, there is often a reason why IMO.

Finding housing that takes dogs is not easy but not impossible. Find housing that takes dogs and has a fence is much harder. I think to ship a large dog in the cargo now its $150? But there are many many threads on this, do a quick search and you should have plenty of info. There is a heat embargo, that I believes ends in sept/oct and starts again around april/may.

You didn't ask it but do you know how much private school costs here?

Posted : August 26, 2010 6:34 pm
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