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new rental car rules?

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Anita: People ignore laws because there is an environment of non-enforcement. The new non-smoking rules in restaurants are slowly being eroded. There are some places where people openly smoke, I am sure because no one comes by and busts them. I see more dogs in restaurants, again, I believe because they aren't being visited by the po-po.

But doesn't public apathy play a big part in such rules being broken? I hear and read quite often complaints about smoking and other rules being broken but when you suggest to the complainants that they pick up the 'phone and turn in the offending establishments they geneally mumble and slide away either figuratively or literally. Those who are entrusted to ensure that laws are adhered to can't be out on the streets policing 24/7 and what they aren't told about they simply can't investigate. If I'm out dining and an owner/manager is deliberately turning a blind eye to someone puffing away then I'm not going to hesitate to make that call ...

Posted : April 22, 2012 12:40 pm
A Davis
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saw today in the visource, that car rental companies on st. john will now have the ability to have more vehicles on the island. no word on whether once this takes place, the governor's reprieve on the law will change...

Posted : October 2, 2012 11:16 am
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