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Exit Zero
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A workshop will be held for this by the Internal revenue Bureau:

IRB Holding Workshop on New Fee for Timeshare Owners

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I have yet to see any Hotel Tax added to my AirBNB guest's charges.

I wonder how that's going for the GVI?

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Why is it so difficult for some people to just do the right thing?
When people cheat in one area of their lives, it tends to bleed over into other areas.

Granted, I think this $in Tax is ridiculous and the $25 per day charge is excessive on top of everything else. A lesser fee would have been more palatable.

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I wouldn't mind if i knew the monies collected would go to much needed infrastructure improvements, but we know it will be pissed away or into Mapp's pockets

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Aren't timeshare owners already paying property tax via their annual maintenance fees and now this impact fee on top of that?

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