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Happy 2015 to everyone in the Save Coral Bay community. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support during 2014, and to give you a brief update on what we achieved and what lies ahead in our agenda for 2015.

What did we accomplish in 2014?
>> Starting from nothing, we built an online community of 3500 supporters rallying around the mission to Save Coral Bay from irresponsible, environmentally destructive development.
>> We launched a fund-raising campaign and in less than three months we raised over $80,000 from 700 individual donors, all money dedicated to preventing destruction of Coral Bay, and supporting sustainable improvements to the harbor.
>> We submitted hundreds of letters, over a thousand pages of comments, hours of oral testimony, all pointing to serious defects in the Coastal Zone Management application and the project proposed by the Summers End Group.
>> We used all of that testimony as the basis for two legal appeals to the CZM permits granted in October. Those appeals have now stopped the action of the CZM committee at least until the hearings are completed.

What is on our agenda for 2015?
++ We will continue to apply pressure to ensure that mega yachts, mega marinas, and environmentally destructive development is finally rejected for Coral Bay.
++ We will begin the process of planning for the improvements that are sought by all of the residents and stakeholders in the Coral Bay community - people who were born here, people who have moved here, people who visit here.
++ We will make concrete progress, in conjunction with the Coral Bay Community Council, to support activities to clean the harbor, improve water quality, remove sunken boats and clean the shoreline.
++ We will monitor other large scale development projects in Coral Bay and provide a forum for discussion, and a forum for action when required, to ensure these projects truly meet the needs and expectations of the broad community.

Thank you again, and Happy 2015 to all ! http://www.gofundme.com/coralbay

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