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Noise Travels!

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You are NOT a grinch! We bought a lovely home on the East Side of STX and haven't slept a full night because of dogs barking and loud music since we got here. Sorry, but this is not what we had hoped for and will be returning to the states as soon as we can. Hope it gets better, but don't count on it. It appears that there are just too many people who could care less about how their behavior affects their neighbors. So sad...

Dang that's too bad, was it just the dog and music that made you want to leave? Just curious.

I assume you have tried to talking and explaining it to them. They're usually not being inconsiderate but totally oblivious to the fact that it's bothering you. Yes it's common sense to some of us BUT common sense seems rare these days! It does work, just talk to them. I had to in STT several times - the guy would blast music and scream F- and other obscenities when working out. Roid rage much lol. Was so obnoxious - at first funny as all heck but got old quick. He was always so sweet when I asked him to turn it down a notch. I also always took avocados and mangos from my trees over, and watched their pet pig for them. I'm going to have to soon at a house down the hill with dogs barking in the morning. Last few mornings I go out to my deck and whistle as loud as I can... (LOUD) They seem to get it and take the dogs in. Probably not the best way to go about it lol but I'm not even sure where the house is. We are tree covered and I can't see any other houses. Overall my house is VERY quiet - I feel SO lucky for that!! I can NOT sleep without the frogs.

That would suck if that's what brought your time on island to an end. Another reason to RENT first! We also now visit the property we consider renting several times throughout the day and night as suggested above. Overkill, maybe but man it's worth it. Hang in there!

Posted : March 13, 2016 5:12 am
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