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Operation wheelchair-help Josiah get his wheelchair-event at Innovative, St Croix --TODAY

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Operation wheelchair

TODAY- 1030 to 5:00 ---------------Join us to at Free Friday At Innovative BusinessCenter , 4006 Estate Diamond, St Croix(next to the hospital)

You will see in me front entrance----with my NewYork Style Hot Dog Cart----I sell Nathans All Beef Hot Dogs

I will be selling Hot Dogs, Chilli Dogs, AZ Dragon Dogs, Veggi Dogs, Nachos, Veggis Sausage, Nachos and refreshment ALL to benefit one of St Croix own----Josiah. Josiah is a young child who Project Hope is trying to raise needed funds for the special wheelchair he needs(about $5,000)

Work in an office----CALL YOU ORDER IN, 340-201-4537, order and PICK UP will be . Hot Dogs , $3.00, All other dogs $400------and I have SauerKrat----Dragon Dog is a hot dog with chili, sauerkrat, onions, topped with students UP A NOTCH Dragon Sauce

Not on St Croix------please send a donation to Operation wheelchair to Project HELP, PO Box 4202 Christiansted VI - 00822, care of operation Wheelchair-----------

Im a 22 year veteran of US Army---two tours in Iraq, 2012 will be dedicated to helping raise funds for those in need on my home on St Croix---------------Operation wheelChair is the first-----and I will not quit until Josiah has he wheelchair-----help him get in NOW....come out and donate, or mail you tax deductable contribution THANK YOU

PS Great Deals at Innovative with FREE FRIDAY promotion

Topic starter Posted : May 18, 2012 10:23 am
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THANK YOU INNOVATIVE, and all that assisted yesterday , Paul, Andrew, Babara, Eric, and Brother Howard....

Cash on hand $300, to be donated from HOTDOG, MADDOG, AZ DRAGON DOG, PULLED PORK, sales yesterday in front of Innovative Business Center, St Croix. and I think with have another $50 to $100 in donation containers Brother Howard hasnt counted yet.

THank you AVIS(great story in Friday's paper), THANK YOU channel 2, THANK YOU 93.5, and all the help in getting the word out on a a last minute fundraiser idea---a success because we raised more money for Josiah's wheelchair.

And most of all, THANK everyone that took the time and came by---even if it was just to donate---however, most came by and purchases food items,THANK YOU Blue Water Terrace(ie Lacy and her husband), for making our last sale the largest.

Brother Howard ordered the wheelchair on Friday, he had enough , $1000 dollars, to put the down payment on the custom made wheelchair.

Lastly, if you didnt know the whole story of Josiah, He is a Quadriiplegic. He was born with severe cerebral palsy. The wheelchair he is using does not support his head.
Josiah's mother, is also in a wheelchair, has terminal cancer and HTLVI(severe nerve degeneration). She is treated weekly with chemotherapy.

We need to raise another $3000-----stay tune to the board, as I have submitted a plan I'm called Operation Wheelchair----with the goal of raising all the money by the end of June.

THANK YOU again------and lets pull together to get Josiah his wheelchair----PLEASE IF YOU HAVENT SENT A DONATION, send one, no amount to small, its a tax deductable donation to project help , a 501c charibale entity.

Project Help
PO Box 4202
Christiansted VI 00822

Topic starter Posted : May 19, 2012 4:41 pm
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