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OT: Zone Alarm / Windowz Users - lost connectivity due to M$ update

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This is kind of off topic, but I have seen some posts about problems connecting to internet, thought I'd pass this along:


ZoneAlarm updated after Microsoft's DNS patch
Posted by Robert Vamosi

On Thursday, Check Point Software Technologies released updated versions of all its ZoneAlarm products, addressing an incompatibility with a patch Microsoft released earlier this week.

The fix requires ZoneAlarm users to download the latest version, 7.0.438.000, from its site. A reboot is required to complete installation.

Since Tuesday, ZoneAlarm customers have complained that access to the Internet was denied after installing MS08-037, a patch designed by Microsoft to correct a vulnerability in both the client and server Domain Name System packages within Windows. Earlier on Tuesday, a security researcher announced a massive, multi-vendor patch release to address a fundamental flaw in DNS that could allow attackers to spoof IP addresses.

Workarounds included uninstalling MS08-037, changing ZoneAlarm's settings from high to medium, or temporarily using the Windows Firewall instead.

So, update your Zone Alarm software if you have it, folks!!!

Posted : July 11, 2008 10:18 am
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