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Papa Tom - nice to meet ya!

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I am having lunch at Acacia on Wednesday ... maybe I will see him.

No luck on a "permanent" job but am keeping body and soul together with several different things. Makes for an interesting week!
Working with "promo guy" (any one remember him?) with t-shirts and other advertising/promo items - hint hint if anyone needs anything - and also still doing some yacht management. It;s working out well and I am enjoying it.

Call me for that drink, neighbor! 340-626-1081.

Thanks for the good thoughts!


Topic starter Posted : May 30, 2010 1:30 am
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@ Pamela~ wedding plans are going great, thanks for remembering! July 29th is coming fast. We also never got together for lunch! Hows the hubby these days?

Posted : May 31, 2010 12:07 pm
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