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Pet-Friendly hotel or short-term rental?

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Hello again, future friends! Just got the booking confirmation for our shipment, so we now have an arrival date. We'll be home on Sept 20, and we need to find a hotel or even short-term rental that will allow our little fat Corgi to stay. SandCastle on the Beach is the only thing I've found so far. Not bad, but we'd like something closer to C'sted while we look for permanent housing. Any advice/ideas/contacts would be much appreciated. We're of course also looking for long-term rental; don't want to commit to that long-distance, but we are putting together a list of possibilities, so any suggestions in that area are welcome also.:@)

Topic starter Posted : August 14, 2013 4:14 am
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Cottages by the Sea is also pet friendly.

Posted : August 14, 2013 7:38 am
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We used and got a 3-week rental when we first moved to the Island. Friends of ours did as well and they had a cat with them.
It's much more practical too because then you will have a kitchen.

Posted : August 14, 2013 4:35 pm
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We rented a house on the east end when we first moved here until we could settle on our house.
We had a huge dog with us.
We went thru Donna Ford vacation rentals. You can find her website on

Posted : August 14, 2013 7:45 pm
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