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Pickup Soccer

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Good day everyone i recently relocated to STX , i was wondering if there are any pick up soccer games or a soccer league .


Posted : August 3, 2019 3:34 pm
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@d-knight, There is soccer on St. Croix! The USVI Soccer Association is active. There are adult and children's programs plus national team. Give them a call and get more information about their programs, and they would know about pick up - for fun soccer games.

There is a VI Olympic Soccer Federation too.

Let us know what you find out. 

Posted : August 27, 2019 7:10 pm
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@d-knight, Thought of another suggestion. On St. Croix there is 340 Women's Soccer. Its a non profit and works with ages 6-18. If you fit within their target group, great. If not, you might still give them a call, see what they are about. And their coaches and organizers likely know of for-fun leagues and pick up games. Their number is (340) 690-6856.

Also I checked on Olympic Federation for Soccer, and its actually the same as the Soccer Association. Information for the association is in my previous post.

A FIFA regulated and funded soccer stadium opened on St. Croix earlier this month. Anybody been to it yet?

Posted : August 30, 2019 9:19 am
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