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Places to stay on PMV -STT

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Good Day All:

Well I am coming over for a PMV in the first week of May. Planning on relocating June 1 - 15th. When we hit STT we will rent a car and head to a place for a short term stay. We are looking for something that would give us the feel of what life is really like on the rock.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

We would like a place where we can cook so that we have to go to the grocery store, Kmart etc. We will be going to WAPA, to the Bank, to Post Office etc. We are going to hit the garage sales and other places.

I saw a nice post from MartyT on the message board which was very helpful. Any other advice. Also, I heard to avoid downtown Charlotte Amalie at night. True? or False?

Thanks all.

Posted : April 27, 2010 2:26 am
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