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Places where telephone/internet is restored  

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I have been following the progress being made to restore power to STX.

We are planning on coming down in early January and I understand that on the east end that while power has been restored in some areas there is no internet nor reliable cell phone service as of yet even where the power is back.

Does anyone have knowledge about whether there are places to stay that have had their communications restored? Mostly I would need internet.

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AT&T cell phone coverage seems to be over most of the island. BBVI seems to have most if not all of their internet towers operating now. Local Internet from BBVI towers mostly depends on power. There are also several free temporary? WIFI hot spots setup around the island. I'm sure there are plenty of places to stay that have Internet. Pelican Cove Condos has Internet.

Phone, TV, Internet from Viya cable is another matter. Have no idea if any of that service has been restored.

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AT&T has gotten better on the east end, but still not as reliable, or as strong a signal, as pre-Maria.

Great news however,
I got electricity back tonight !!!
That in itself was a huge hurdle out here.

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Viya's progress is supposed to be updated here:

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Not all BBVI towers are fully functional.
East side of mount welcome tower is completely down. Even though BBVI tools tell technicians it is up noone is connected to it or can connect to it. Im leaching off the northern part from union mount washington and its very up and down.

I assume other towers need similar repairs.

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