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Doing the PMV august and September.
I'm curious people of STT, please describe what it is in one word that makes you happier on the island than the mainland?
Just curious

Posted : July 5, 2014 6:16 pm
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I haven't moved yet but I'm hoping my one word will be

Posted : July 6, 2014 12:19 am
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The warm tropical weather all year with windows open with fresh air and breeze year round.

Posted : July 6, 2014 5:17 am
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Posted : July 6, 2014 7:44 pm
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Having grown up there, I would pick, "enchanting"

Posted : July 6, 2014 8:06 pm
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Posted : July 7, 2014 1:35 am
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Having grown up there, I would pick, "enchanting"

I've been trying to think of my word on and off all day, but I like this one too. I've been trying to think of one thing more concrete, but it is not concrete.


Posted : July 7, 2014 1:42 am
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Caribbean Sea.

Posted : July 8, 2014 4:20 pm
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Da Watta!

Posted : July 8, 2014 4:41 pm
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