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Nice getaway from St Croix to Puerto Rico for the weekend.

Staying at Fort Buchanan, a military base, at the IHG Army Hotel, 787-792-7977. To be eligible to stay, prior military, call to clarify or go to their website. On base, so you need a military ID to get on, except if your with someone who has one. Friends of ours also have a room(non military), however, that's OK, because I am sponsoring them, ie rooms $100 a nite, hotel also allows pets, which is in a separate area from the main portion of the hotel.

Friday nite had some nice local food at Caramelo, 787-296-4976. Packed, and local music was loud, but overall good place and reasonable price.

Saturday we did rainforest, El Yunque. Again, relaxing time. Make sure if you are going to walk to the waterfall, wear good shoes, Its a hard walk, parts steep. Plenty of resting spots, to include table to sit for a snack. Didn't try it, but did see at (private) Carabali Rainforest Park opportunities for go karts, horseback riding, ATV, which I image is on private land.

Saturday night was the highlight for me, missing my Italian food from the NorthEast. We hit a grandslam on new local Italian Restaurant. Tutt Italia, 787-982-8888. Had a full course Italian meal----pasta fagoli, spaghetti olio sauce with anchovies and olives, followed by HOMEMADE ITALIAN DESERTS.........chocolate zaiboine(ie custard like desert). And the owner treated us to his homemade Lemon Cello, which was a good as the ones we had in Italy.

The wife had gnocchi...............HOMEMADE, and one of the best I had in years.

Today we go to Bacardi Distellery, followed by Old San Juan.

Maybe I can convince the other couple and wife, we go to Tutt Italian for dinner again, which is opened 1-7:00 on Sundays, like many Italian places in the Northeast.

Lots of information.............but nice getaway from St Croix for $140 roundtrip, reasonable hotel, and much more.......

Topic starter Posted : February 16, 2014 10:48 am
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Thanks for the info on Fort Buchanan! I never knew there was a military option so close to San Juan.

Posted : February 16, 2014 12:48 pm

Where is Fort Buchanan? I know I can Google, but figured I'd ask since I'm on this forum.

What are the rooms like? If you're prior military, what type of military is do you have?

Where is the Italian restaurant?

Posted : February 16, 2014 12:55 pm
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It is south of San Juan and southwest of Plaza Las Americas.

Posted : February 16, 2014 3:21 pm
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