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Question re: CIGNA Health Insurance

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Hello there again good people of the USVI! Yes, even after one year I am on a learning curve.

Prior to moving last year, I had contacted Cigna Health or Cigna Behavioral Health on the provider number, and was told that they would put me on their panel once I got a license for psychotherapy in place. It did take some time, however, since then their site online has changed, and I cannot find the provider connection now (it had been listed in Puerto Rico).

I had done a survey, and wanted to find which insurance was used the most so that people did not have to pay for life coaching, counseling or psychotherapy out of pocket. CIGNA seemed to be it.

In any even, if anyone does have CIGNA, and could possibly provide me with the number on the back of their card for providers, I would be greatly appreciative. It took nearly five months to get the licensing done, and I would hate to leave any rock unturned that will help to pay for people's services.

Thank you, as always, for all of your support. This board really could be a template for people moving anywhere as people and threads have been so helpful,

Hope all is well with, well, all of you,


Posted : June 24, 2006 10:44 am
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Hi Dan,

I have only three phone numbers on the back of my card and they are listed as follows:

800.789.7171 (VI)
800.437.6227 Hospital Service Pre-certification
888.371.1125 EAP

Posted : June 24, 2006 3:13 pm
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Hi Dan, This is off Cigna's website. Sorry about the formating but maybe it's the information your looking for.

Claim Payment, Eligibility, Benefits & Copayment Information Customer Service Representatives 800.926.2273
# Electronic Claims Submission Support
# Password and Log-In Issues
Customer Service Web Representatives eclaimssupport@CIGNA
(Individuals and/or Clinics)

* Join Network/Become Contracted
* What's the Status of My Resume?

Marie Torres
Specialist 800.274.4573 x7362
Fax: 813.775.7512

* Credentialing and Recredentialing Questions
* Provider or Facility Needs Copy of Contract, Provider Guide or Level of Care (Clinical) Guidelines

Andrea Peterson
Specialist 800.241.4057 x2763

* Existing Contract Questions (Individuals & Clinics)
* Balance Billing and Other Questionable Billing Practices (Individuals, Clinics & Facilities)
* Fee Questions (Individuals & Clinics)
* Terminate Contract or Appeal Termination
* Increase/Decrease Referrals
* Concern Alerts

Jennifer Durgee
Representative 800.274.4573 x7321

* Update Provider Demographic or Billing Data
* Website Accuracy Issue

Heather St. Louis
Specialist 800.241.4057 x2551 - customer service: Provider Information Update Form
(Individuals & Clinics)

* Change or Add Specialties
(including EAP)
* Vacation or Unavailable
* Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Questions
* Online Provider Profile
* New Provider Orientations
* Any Other Questions

Susan Keller
Specialist 800.274.4573 x7416
(Facilities Only)

* Add or Change Services
* Add Service Locations
* Questions About Contract
* Discuss Fees/Rates

Shannon Jones
Representative 800.274.4573 x7350

Posted : June 24, 2006 3:58 pm
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Hello there Bill and Mell. Thank you so much for helping me. That was exactly the information I needed to get routed to PR and the Behavioral Health end of things.

It should seem so simple, yet CIGNA on the stateside is basically closed in terms of providers. They don't want any more of them. As such, it makes it very hard for a new provider to access the right stuff. As the folks in PR wanted to add me to their list of providers, as I am on island, I just needed to get them a copy of my license and malpractice insurance.

This was all done, the calling, before I moved. Of course AFTER the move, I couldn't find a thing.

Thank you once again for all. If I can ever help either of you with something, please let me know. I am generally resourceful about things, but in this case got down to needing the flip side of the card.

Warm regards,


Posted : June 25, 2006 11:21 am
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Hi Dan,

No problem at all. Good luck getting yourself set up :)!

Posted : June 25, 2006 3:04 pm
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Thank you once again Mell. I really appreciate it as, after being hit by a truck and having a major break in serving others, this is a monumental leap for me. I was told I would never really walk again, until the Mayo clinic advised me to move where it is warm year-round. Between good medical care, the warm salt waters and the temperature, in less than a year, I generally can walk daily, sit for at least one hour, focus on another person completely, and therefore can begin my return to my 'vocation'.

I just thought I would let you know not just how you helped and that I am grateful, but just how much you helped another human being.

Warmest regards,


Posted : June 26, 2006 12:21 pm
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