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RELOCATING??? The Truth vs. Perception

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Hey joe--Cas forwarded me your link and have just had time to read..I'm so jealous you get to wake up to stellar sunrises everyday! Glad you seem to be enjoying your time on the island. I know what it means to be "searching"...why else would one live on a indian reservation for 6 months??? Enjoy the rest of your time there and be safe.

Posted : September 12, 2005 4:34 pm
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Staff nurses do not make as much, however most traveling nurses pay around $1600 a month for a studio in Saphire. If you are a permanent nurse you can find cheaper housing and it'll all work out just the same. Dont get discouraged.


Posted : September 13, 2005 11:27 am
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Can I just tell much I enjoyed your write-up. I, too, am looking for a 'change' via the great escape. Is it for me? Who knows? But for the first time in a ver-rr-ry long time, I have the opportunity to follow a dream versus sticking to the straight and narrow. I've lived in NYC all my life and frankly, I can't stand it now -- I've always dreamed of living on an island. At first, I considered Jamaica, but the USVI seemed somewhat more civilized, more low-key, a great deal safer (mentally) for someone like me. It's away, but not too-too away, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I'm newly on disability (but still young at 39 y.o) -- I suffer from a disease called lupus which makes NYC that much tougher; my son is finally off to college (phew!!) and I am searching for some peace. Not to mention, I am a budding writer -- 80% complete on my first manuscript but, alas, the stress of life here has dealt a serious case of writer's block.

Your writing, in all of its clever balance of humor and sobriety, really inspired me to write to you. You're great! And even if USVI doesn't work out for me (which I sincerely doubt as I am a truly a simple girl at heart), I like the idea that someone else took the plunge and seems not so bad for it.

Thanks again,


Posted : September 16, 2005 2:22 am
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One small thing. There is not a rheumatologist in the Virgin Islands. This may seem like a small thing, but when you need specific knowledge and care, it may not be available. Just something to think about.

Posted : September 16, 2005 7:48 pm
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Thanks for the kind words.

Maybe you should start with a vacation first? Sounds like you really need to get out of NYC for a while.

Just a thought.

Posted : September 17, 2005 4:46 pm
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Regarding Lupus - Have you considered the possibility of the Caribbean sun agravating your condition? Maybe a consultation with your physician would be a place to start. Best wishes!

Posted : September 17, 2005 6:44 pm
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Dear STT Resident,

your letter is amazing. I am somewhat speechless simply at your accuracy. I have a hand full of good friends. my personal philosophy is it is better to have a few good friends than a bunch no good friends. My point is I have known (for better lack of terms) this guy for a year now. Those few friends I had said he was an alchaholic, user. They said so many times that this guy is a clever user and they to said he probably has a high I.Q.
Sadly, my few friends got to tired me being to shocked and this guys actions and words to me that they basically, all but a few,let me-if you will.
They could see what I believed was not there, or I believed that there was a better person beneath it all. The lastest is I took him to the airport sometime around the begining of Aug. he said at one point he going to return around the 24, and changed his story on the way to the airport that he would not return until 9-4.
yea, I thought it was strange, but I went along with it.

He did go home. I went by his place around the 24, simply b/c his story didn't set too well with me. I noticed the plants I decorated his patio with were gone and the place looked a little vacant. I could some furniture but could tell some moving was going on. Any way a neighbor confirmed my suspision on the moving. I this funny urge to look into the trash cans in the ally sord or alley, and I found two bags of clothes. I pulled one apart and could it was some of his stuff. I took a closer look and found several of my things.
I was so lost. Had he come home, thrown my stuff away, and moved out all without saying goodbye. Appeared so for awhile. I met up with my diving intrstuctor who said he had ran into him and gave him a vcr and said he was moving in with his GIRLFRIEND!
For the second Sat. I cried my eyes and wondered what I had done so worng. The I have are clearly telling me he is a user and is using this women for something. Oh he told the instuctor he was moving to new zealand in dec. to finish school and teach. like me he 36 and a late bloomer in the education stuff. Though I am working on my master's and should be finished next summer. I called the school and the advisor said this was dreaming..He thought he pack all his classes in my and graduate in dec. the adivsor said it was no way he could do it and as far as new zealand==he said for what ever reason he choose n.z and thought he could there and finish faster. Anyway I wouldn't have known any of this had it not been for the diving instructor who doesn't know my connection with this guy.
The guy ignored my calls and finally returned them and on two occasions we had well, I know what you will say to this but we an interesting encounter at his apartment for a guy who now lives with a women. He hasn't admitted to throwing my stuff away. He produce a cross necklace that was left there, but not a new pair of shorts and shirt I had there. He tells me that someone else is moving his stuff out and must have packed it up in his stuff.
I'm mortified,shocked, and confused and this type of person.
When said he was cold--I thought I was going to fall out of my chair. yes he is the epitamy of iceberg. I didn't believe it until I saw my stuff in the trash and his interest to con't a physical thing.
Really, what showed me his true temp. was my conversation with me regarding living with this women. I said from my perspective when you move in with someone you are in love and are going to make a go of it and no else is in the picture. He got furious with me and said how I better now mess up his life, it would interfere with his livlihood and he would take great offense to that. Cont'd on how maybe he should just drop me out of his life etc...

Amazing, I could go and on and drop your jaw with this stuff, but I've written so much already. He said I was the only women who ever asked him questions and it made him uncomfortable etc... I can't believe these women don't ask q's. He doesn't work, but has money, he is student-varified that, but I never really saw books and stuff, he wouldn't tell me who his mother is. We went to dinner and drinks,I always paid for dinner, occasionally he paid for drinks. One night he drank over 15 shots of bushmill whiskey, I finally stopped counting. He could still walk and the next day, didn't even have a haedache. Oh last note, he claims he is a prostitute. He is an average looking guy, he didn't appear to have much, average apartment with average furnishings. He said or claimed it was lonely old housewives.
All of this and I still believed in him. Now he lives with another women and I actually wonder what she had that I didn't even though the guy she's living with has had me back to his apartment on two different occasions. I don't understand this type of person I have never been around anyone so cold, so manipulative, so clever, and lie in a instant.
Your analsysis is amazingly insightful-something about having someone on the outside see all that you have seen in this person is somehow a help.
Thank you
p.s. i'm really not stupid I just believed that good would prevail over evil and all would turn out o.k. I guess it did for him/them. I got the broken heart and the questions.

Posted : September 18, 2005 6:09 pm
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great article dude! I liked it a lot, very informative. Belongs in TRAVEL. Except "new" when letting the reader know that you had previously known something is spelled "knew". Mrs. Day ya know, whatayagunado!

Posted : September 19, 2005 2:49 am
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Posted : August 1, 2015 3:30 pm
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The only point in reviving a 10 year old thread is in proving a point made over and over again here when prospective newcomers say, "I've read all the stuff on this site but a lot of it's very dated". That point being that nothing changes.

Posted : August 1, 2015 4:26 pm
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But no one was snarky. No one attacked other posters. It was a civil interaction.

I miss it. And Trade and a bunch of other folks.

Posted : August 1, 2015 4:41 pm
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I miss Trade too!

Posted : August 2, 2015 6:55 pm
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