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Good Evening All,

In my quest to no longer live with a winter season (currently live in NJ) I've been researching islands all over the Caribbean and finally settled on St. Croix. Now it's become a bit of an obsession (lol) I plan to purchase property (also tired of paying rent too) so that solves my housing.I know I'll get varied answers but I won't know if I don't ask: For a newbie to the island, where should I start my search for a place to purchase ?? I want somewhere where I can walk to or a short car ride for the basics ( groceries, banks, libraries etc. )(I love walking) While I know crime exists everywhere, statistically where is the highest levels of crime?? I know I will require a car at some point. Is it better to bring my car or purchase an "island" car (there goes that research lol) or is it absolutely necessary??? can I get away with not having a car for a year or so?? What's public transportation like?? My biggest concern is health care for myself. My mom is a Vet so I know there's a clinic for her and a hospital for her in PR. Does anyone know of the possibility of taking my employers insurance with me?? Everywhere I've read says there's no individual insurance plans on the island. 2 more things and I think I covered everything (for now) Cell phone service and Internet...any favorites??I do a LOT of streaming using my fire stick and hulu so I don't really need cable but a reliable internet source... does one work better than the other ?? I'll be doing a pre-move visit next month so I guess I can get any other details once I arrive ... any and all responses will be appreciated and duly noted

Soon to be your neighbor !!!:-)

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Best if you come down for a least a few PMVs if not stay for a year before deciding on a place to buy. No one can really decide for you what will work best. And you may decide after a year it's not for you. Selling property on STX usually takes many months. You don't want to buy something and then decide island life isn't what you expected.

AT&T is best for cell service. BBVI is currently best for Internet but Viya should be OK once they get all there lines re-installed. You'll save if you bring a car with you. Not much for public transportation so you will definitely need one.

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If you car is paid for, I'd say bring it. Many cars were damaged from storms. We've lived here on STX many years and just now have decided which end/side of island is the best fit for us.
My husband wants to buy, but, me, as a former Realtor, don't want to be stuck somewhere. Houses can take a long time to sell here. I sold two of my houses in the states in one week, easy!
Each area on STX has a different vibe, people and personalities. You may end up in an area where you don't fit and be unhappy.
You will need a car unless you are 20 something working/living/renting downtown.
Use that search engine on this page as cell service has been extensively talk about as well as purchasing within one year. Yes, people will come on saying they did with no regrets, but, I'd say the majority wouldn't take the chance. Keep researching and good luck.

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IMO health care in the VI is lousy. You cannot buy an individual or family policy plus the facilities are pretty basic. If health care is one of your concerns the Virgin Islands is not the place to be.

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Read your current health insurance plan with your employer. Many - particularly HMOs - only provide coverage if you're a resident of a particular state and your address needs to reflect that. Usually ER service will be covered if you travel in US - but check the plan for this as well and see how territories are handled.

COBRA lasts for 18 months maximum and you'll pay for both your portion and your employer's portion of the premium monthly.

There are inexpensive traveler's health insurance plans available for a few months that might bridge until you find an employer offering health insurance on STX, which can be difficult as well because of the prevalence of small businesses. Traveler's plans have pre-existing conditions clauses.

My advice would be to come down, find temporary housing, get a job with health insurance and then think about purchasing a home, moving stuff and giving up mainland residency.

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